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The MULE 150™ on a tracked crawler!

Just when you thought the MULE 150™ couldn't get any more versatile, we have now upped the ante!

We have now utilised the industry-leading HINOWA tracked device to further add to the multiple moving options for the MULE 150™

The tracked Hinowa further simplifies the movement options for the MULE 150™ and increases the speed at which walls are built, which means more revenue generation for your business.

The track is especially advantageous for the Civil contractors laying keystone blocks on uneven and muddy surfaces.

Here are the stats:

Lifting capacity of track device: 1.6T (more than enough to move the MULE 150™ around, and many other things around site too!)

Speed: 1.5 - 2.2 km/h

Engine: Honda 389cc

Max inclination: 20 deg / 36.4%

So let's recap

We have added yet another way to move a MULE 150TM around with a mechanised track machine.

Here are all the other ways you can still move the Mule

  • Manatu

  • Forklift

  • Pallet jack

  • Trolley 4 rubberised steerable wheels

  • Site Crane

And added to that is the motorised track machine, the Hinowa!

Interested in supercharging your masonry business? Reach out to run the numbers with us.


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