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Value proposition for Civil Sub Contractors

Robotics Australia has an innovative time-saving solution for your business that has been proven to increase productivity by up to 3X. We have a lifting Robot called the MULE ™ built by Construction Robotics and can lift and release keystone blocks without any weight transferring to the block layer by using powerful AI. Imagine laying 700 keystone blocks a day without feeling any fatigue. 
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Increased Productivity

Here is where the MULE ™ lifter really excels, productivity gains have been recorded in the order of 3X, which is a huge win for both the sub contractor and the builder.
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Forklift the blocks into position and handle each block just once, Robot assisted. Instead of having labourers shuffling blocks on the stack, have them perform other more valuable tasks. Up to 35% labour savings.
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Less Defects

With a repeatable positioning process powered by artificial intelligence, there is a significant improvement in repeatability and quality.
No fatigue in lifting and adjusting blocks for perfect alignment. Avoids the blocks being dropped due to weight. As a result it's much easier to lay to the line.
Keystone block move 5.PNG

Reduced injuries

Lifting heavy objects is one of the highest causes of workplace injury. Reduce your risk significantly with a safe and repeatable method for moving blocks.
You will see a reduction in your workers compensation premiums

Job Satisfaction

There are multiple flow-on benefits from having high job satisfaction. From positive mental health to increased career tenure, this is an important area of competitive advantage for your organisation.
Happy tradesmen Keystone wall.png

Reduced Fatigue

Fatigue can be detrimental to your worker's safety, not to mention your industry reputation. A fresh block layer is positive, safe, alert and happy. Not to mention the mental health benefits of still having energy to engage with their family once they return home for the day.
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Increased Retention Rates

Upskilling and working with high tech is a great way to build employee retention, everyone wants to work for a company that embraces technology and are constantly evolving. Be an employer of choice.
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Photo courtesy of Construction Robotics


The MULE ™ can be used, moved and raised with your wall progress. With a variety of attachments, a basic MULE becomes a custom unit designed for your specific job site variables and applications.
  • Sets up in just 10 minutes
  • Easily moved with a pallet trolley, forklift, manatu or crane
  • Multiple freestanding setup heights available up to 8M
  • Custom adaptations for unusual building environments
  • Mounts to scaffolding or mast climbing platforms
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Larger blocks

With mechanical assistance, you can now use larger blocks and lay more in less time, go big and watch your profits grow.

1.5 blocks on their way!!
Find out how much you will gain!
Our industry experts will personally run you through our ROI model.

We will contact you shortly!

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