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The Future of Construction Tech

"Delivering Innovation that enables the abolition of hazardous practices from the Construction Industry."

Robotics Australia is poised to lead a Construction technology revolution in the Australian building sector. We have roots in the masonry industry spanning over 30 years so we understand your business.
We are seeing an unprecedented change across our industry, it's not a matter of if you should consider the changes, but more around how long your processes can remain competitive without using construction tech.
The merging of data, sensors, robotics and artificial intelligence will drastically increase our productivity, our safety and our environmental impact.

Robotics Australia aims to be your trusted advisor in the Construction Tech space, we have the runs on the board, and have a long line of construction dna that shows in our experience. We are not just a product reseller, we are industry insiders that bring you tried and trusted products that we have used, tested and understand the ROI models with proven results.

SAM (Semi Autonomous Mason)

SAM is a bricklaying system designed and engineered to make the process safer and less physically demanding.

McKinsey Article.PNG
Construction Tech research article from McKinsey & Co

The construction technology ecosystem is shifting toward integrated software platforms that better serve customer needs. Significant opportunities exist for strategic and financial investors.....Read More

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Based in Sydney's inner west the founders Constantine and Neville Zarafetas, believe that their products which are initially targeted to the masonry and civil trades will revolutionise the construction industry. The founders have been involved in the Construction Industry for more than 30 years, bringing an astute knowledge of all the challenges construction faces with manual handling and associated tasks.

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Environment & Sustainability

With less waste generated by using the Mule system, you too can meet increasingly stringent demands of your customers by building in a manner that is efficient and cleaner than manual methods.

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