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About Robotics Australia

"Delivering Innovation that enables the abolition of hazardous practices from the Construction Industry."

Our Vision

Robotics Australia is the authorised distributor of the US Patented MULE ™ Lifting system (built by Construction Robotics). We have our roots in the Building industry spanning over 30 years, predominantly in the Masonry sector, so we understand your business.
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Our Company

Robotics Australia was founded by Con and Neville Zarafetas who are well known in Masonry for over 30 years. They have delivered countless projects for trusted names in Australian Construction like Mirvac, Multiplex, Lendlease, John Holland and many more.

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Construction Tech

With Construction-Tech making huge impacts in the building industry, it's not a question of "if" the technology will be useful to your organisation, but more a matter of considering how long you can survive without it.

Our aim is to empower Australia's Construction industry with high quality proven robotics.


With a tenure of over 30 years in masonry, we place safety at our core in everything we do, it's our legacy and reflects the trust we have earnt from our long list of customers, and the commitment we give to our employees.

The Mule system also has safety at is core, with repetitive injuries a key risk area in the industry, going weightless changes everything.

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Environment & Sustainability

With less waste generated by using the Mule system, you too can meet increasingly stringent demands of your customers by building in a manner that is efficient and cleaner than manual methods.

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