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Australia's first use of the MULE ™ Robotic lifting aide.

Deep underground on the new cutting edge Waterloo station project, Australia's first commercial use of a Robotic lifting aide aptly named the MULE ™ was quietly changing the construction tech future in Australia forever.

The MULE ™ is an American product built by Construction Robotics, it addresses the need for reducing the number of injuries in Masonry / Civil construction workers. It was born out of high tech US government funding and has hit the construction industry with gusto.

Robotics Australia headed by well known industry business leads, Con and Neville Zarafetas have dubbed this "a game changer" and were quick to embrace the MULE ™ and now they are the distributors of the MULE ™ in Australia.

Construction Tech as it's referred to, is yet another example of the incredible technology emerging in traditional sectors like construction. The MULE ™ uses AI to know exactly when to lift, drop and release, making it's usage simple and natural for workers who require very little training in order to take advantage of the Robot.

Con Zarafetas with the Mule 150 masonry lifting aide.

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